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Please note that we have discontinued free in-home maintenance checks on Portable units as of 2 December 2015. For all sales, service and warranty enquiries please call 1300 659 481

Ducted Vacuum Cleaners

We are proud to introduce to you our advanced ducted vacuum systems below which are designed to enhance both the value of your home and your lifestyle!

Click on the products below to see which quality system best suits your needs:


Ecovac Ducted Vacuum's exclusive unique features:

  • Most powerful ducted vacuum systems available in Australia
  • Tough ABS body (a composite plastic used to make car bodies that can withstand knocks, and won't chip or rust)
  • Quietness. Ecovac vacuums have always been one of the most powerful and quietest ducted systems on the Australian market. We don't tell you we show you how quiet they are!
  • Maintenance free self cleaning filters, never need washing. Maintenance free, even without a dust bag! This guarantees constant suction all year round!
  • Cyclonic Filtration available with clean air being pumped out
  • The LCD panel on selected models tell you when to empty your bin/dust bag.
  • Longer ducted vacuum hoses with an on/off switch on the handle as standard, not an optional extra!
  • Top quality fittings only, from the world's best suppliers. Guaranteed to last!
  • 4 Year Warranty on unit and accessories - we stand behind our products with confidence!

Depending on construction - the Ecovac Ducted Vacuum System can be installed under the floor, in the roof, or inside the walls.

New Modern Accessories Kit

Ergonomically designed handle incorporating an ON/OFF

Vacpan for ease and convenience.

New Modern Floor Tools & Attachments

...Easy cleaning with no cords attached!

Electric or Air powered brush head

Tool caddy

100% Canadian made vaculine-inlet kits

Makes vacuuming a breeze!

Your family's health is paramount and with an Ecovac Ducted Vacuum System your family will breathe more easily as dirt and microscopic dust particles are deposited into the units dust canister, and not re-circulated through your home.

Simply plug the lightweight, flexible hose into a discreet wall socket, and take a leisurely stroll through your home cleaning far more effectively than ever before and in much less time.

Ecovac Ducted Vacuum Systems are designed to suit all types of new or established homes, installation is quick, easy and economical, even your home handyman can install the unit with ease.

Two or three internal inlets are sufficient for most homes, and there are a range of colours to suit your decor. A generous length, kink free hose allows you to travel from room to room, easily reaching those hard to get places, without the need to stretch and strain. The back aching, physical work of vacuuming becomes effortless with the Ecovac Ducted Vacuum System.

The advanced technology of a Ecovac Ducted Vacuum Systems makes vacuuming a breeze!

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