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Please note that we have discontinued free in-home maintenance checks on Portable units as of 2 December 2015. For all sales, service and warranty enquiries please call 1300 659 481

image7b.jpgWelcome to the home of quality vacuums!

The Lux Sora is the ultimate home cleaning system, it is light and maneuverable and yet extremely strong. It automatically selects exactly the right amount of suction for the optimum cleaning performance.

In independent German tests the Lux Sora eclipsed all the other popular vacuum cleaners that were tested in both ease of use and efficiency

The Lux Sora uses far less electricity than most other vacuum cleaners due to its advanced German motor, saving you money and protecting the environment too.

The Lux Sora doesn't only have great suction, it also retains even the finest of dust particles with its HEPA hygiene micro filter that meets the requirements of the German TUV Institute as suitable for people with allergies. The Lux Sora also has an active odour filter that absorbs bad smells and protects the motor.

The Lux Sora is extremely versatile and can be adapted for various home and floor care applications, the EB360's electric brush makes vacuuming easier and faster as well as reviving carpet pile and extracting deeply embedded dirt from the base of the carpet.

The motorised PB420 with its two operating positions deep cleans lounge suites and other soft furnishings as well as excelling when it comes to cleaning car interiors.

When it comes to cleaning and polishing hard surfaces the Lux Sora is the only vacuum cleaner available with a 3 brush polisher, the PL515, and actually vacuums while it scrubs, polishes or buffs making hard floor maintenance easier than ever.

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