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Please note that we have discontinued free in-home maintenance checks on Portable units as of 2 December 2015. For all sales, service and warranty enquiries please call 1300 659 481

A Brief History

1901 - AB Lux, Stockholm, is established. The company launches the Lux lamp.

1912 - The Lux model 1 is produced, the worlds first vacuum cleaner.

1919 - The company changes its name from AB Lux to AB Electrolux.

1925 - Electrolux begin to market vacuum cleaners door-to-door in Australia, meeting with immediate success.

1936 - Vacuum cleaner production in Australia begins at South Yarra, Victoria to meet the high per capita Australian sales.

1992 - Electrolux's worldwide direct sales operations are renamed to Lux. The philosophy of selling only the highest quality products remains.

1999 - Electrolux sell Lux to a Swiss based consortium named Lux International AG.

2001 - Vorwerk, the largest European direct sales company, buy Lux International's Asia-Pacific operations.

2003 - Lux Australia cease sales of household vacuum cleaners to concentrate on ducted systems.

2004 - Appliance Direct becomes the sole Australian distributor for Lux vacuum cleaners.

2007 - Appliance Direct merge with Lux Australia and a new company is formed, Lux Distributors, who are the sole distributors in Australia for Lux domestic, commercial and ducted vacuum cleaners.

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